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 *** Year2000 *** page 6

     1. {ASSM} Steve's Awakening (mc, nc, gr, MF)
     2. {ASSM} The Corporation - Ch 1- Angie Surrenders (mc, MF, mc, Blackmail, gr)
     3. {ASSM} Daddy's Daring Daughter 06/10
     4. {ASSM} Daddy's Daring Daughter 07/10
     5. {ASSM} Daddy's Daring Daughter 08/10
     6. {ASSM} Daddy's Daring Daughter 09/10
     7. {ASSM} Daddy's Daring Daughter 10/10
     8. {ASSM} Kelly's Transformation (MF, Mf, nc, md, gr)
     9. {ASSM} Mac's Justice (Mf, md, mc,gr)
    10. {ASSM} Revised "Sometimes Love Is Not Enough" (Jack) (mf, rom, Mf, inc, violence)
    11. {ASSM} STORY Cabin Fever 3.B (m/m b and d)
    12. {ASSM} STORY Cabin Fever 3.C (m/m b and d)
    13. {ASSM} STORY Cabin Fever 3.D (m/m b and d)
    14. {ASSM} STORY Cabin Fever 3.E (m/m b and d)
    15. {ASSM} The Countess and the Caretaker - part twenty-five
    16. {ASSM} Floating (FF,SEXFIGHT)
    17. {ASSM} Her Week At Mountain Mansion
    18. {ASSM} Lydia and the Swan
    19. {ASSM} Debt Without Honor 2/3 (Lexi, BDSM)
    20. {ASSM} My Reward, Ch50 (mc, Mf, inc, mild bd)
    21. {ASSM} Horse Loving Daughter
    22. {ASSM} The Countess and the Caretaker - part twenty-six
    23. {ASSM} All the Luck (MF,F Anal Humor) {Varkel}
    24. {ASSM} Jen's Titillating Behaviour (MMF exhib oral cheat)
    25. {ASSM} "Creampie Cum" (MF cuckhold? wifeslut?) by Creampie Eater
    26. {ASSM} The X-Ray Glasses (M solo exhib voy)  
    27. {ASSM} SmCyber Homepage and SmCyber Story
    28. {ASSM} Spring Break Arrangement (Virago Blue)(MF)
    29. {ASSM} Horse-Hungry Mother
    30. {ASSM} The Countess and the Caretaker - part twenty-seven
    31. {ASSM} (no subject)
    32. {ASSM} First Year Teacher Karina Ch. 2/? (MF)
    33. {ASSM} Journal Entry 161 / 0110  [ Gravity ]
    34. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - Part One.
    35. {ASSM} Horse-Loving Cousins
    36. {ASSM} An E-Mail from Granny (teen f, bestiality)
    37. {ASSM} Dirty Secrets (MF voy exhib bd) by Orestes
    38. {ASSM} "Departmental Property" (M/MMM, CBT, Bondage, NC, Hum)
    39. {ASSM} "Mary Does Miami"  M+/F, gang
    40. {ASSM} "Mary's Fulfillment"  M+/F, gang
    41. {ASSM} Horse-Loving Farm Wives
    42. {ASSM} janice gets "taken" part 2
    43. {ASSM} janice gets "taken"
    44. {ASSM} <*> Double Blind by Sasha (MF, oral, rom)
    45. {ASSM} Association: The Orbit (excerpt) by Adrian Hunter and Chelsea Shepherd (bd)
    46. {ASSM} (Selena) New Story: Margaret 01 (fff)
    47. {ASSM} "Well, if your just gonna sleep..." (mm oral 1st inc)
    48. {ASSM} August Heat (1/3,FF,SEXFIGHT)
    49. {ASSM} August Heat (2/3,FF,SEXFIGHT)
    50. {ASSM} August Heat (3/3,FF,SEXFIGHT)
    51. {ASSM} RP: "Twice the Fun" by WaywardOne (Mff cons yng)
    52. {ASSM} Star Trek The Sexed Generation
    53. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - Part Three.
    54. {ASSM} ASA Story: Carol and John on the Couch (F/M, hanging) (REPOST)
    55. {ASSM} Horse-Loving Niece
    56. {ASSM} RP "TRUST US, WE'RE SALESMEN" (M+/F: Reluc: Work: F) By David Shaw
    57. {ASSM} SPECIAL EFFECTS (M+/F; rape; public) By David Shaw
    58. {ASSM} Rp: Wednesday Morning Slut 3
    59. {ASSM} Story: Margaret 02 (f/f/f)
    60. {ASSM} Newcomer (MF cuckold d/s) by Orestes
    61. {ASSM} "Forrest Surround" by Kristen (MF, 1st)
    62. {ASSM} "Nanako's New Passion" by Kristen (MF, rp)
    63. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - Part Four.
    64. {ASSM} Story: Margaret 03 (f/f/f)
    65. {ASSM} (New) CASH-ing Out <*> Jack (Humor, FF, MF, oral)
    66. {ASSM} STORY Cabin Fever 4.A (m/m b and d)
    67. {ASSM} STORY Cabin Fever 4.B (m/m b and d)
    68. {ASSM} STORY Cabin Fever 4.C (m/m b and d)
    69. {ASSM} STORY Cabin Fever 4.D (m/m b and d)
    70. {ASSM} The pain of love {Mr Slot} (MF No Sex)
    71. {ASSM} A Journey Resumed Ch 01  (FF, Rom)
    72. {ASSM} Tarzan and Terk
    73. {ASSM} Richard Rivers: She Let me Pull it  
    74. {ASSM} Horses For Horny Cousins
    75. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - Part Five.
    76. {ASSM} RP: "A Dialog and Writing Lesson" MMM, humor, on writing erotic fiction
    77. {ASSM} Story: Margaret 03 (f/f/f)
    78. {ASSM} NEW - Raping Tanya In Her Sleep (MF, RAPE) - By HaRkOnIn
    79. {ASSM} [ASM] Daddy's Daring Daughter 07
    80. {ASSM} Daddy's Daring Daughter 06
    81. {ASSM} Winning Wanda/Dave Whitley 4
    82. {ASSM} New S-E-X <*> Jack (Nosex)
    83. {ASSM} Mousehunt/Dragonslayer (m/f, seduction, romantic) 
    84. {ASSM} Portrait of a Lady (m/f, exhibition, romantic)
    85. {ASSM} Sub enchanted evening (M/f light Dom-sub, Romantic)
    86. {ASSM} [RP] Vacuuming IS fun (m/f, household appliance) by
    87. {ASSM} Hot Bed Family
    88. {ASSM} Story: Margaret 05 (f/f/f)
    89. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard -  Part Six.
    90. {ASSM} Dreams of Passion {bishop} (MF con rom magic slow)
    91. {ASSM} On The Beam III: Surprises
    92. {ASSM} RP: Janey's February (FFMM cons)
    93. {ASSM} Subscriber #14 (Mf, cheat, oral, anal, GS)
    94. {ASSM} A Girl's Stroke Story (Katie McN, FFF )
    95. {ASSM} First story A schoolboy fantasy fulfilled (Mf, cons)
    96. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard -  Part Seven.
    97. {ASSM} Revised "Judith and Me 1" (Fm, MC, Femdom)
    98. {ASSM} Story: Margaret 06 (f/f/f/)
    99. {ASSM} Daddy's Daring Daughter 08
   100. {ASSM} Daddy's Daring Daughter 09
   101. {ASSM} Daddy's Daring Daughter 10
   102. {ASSM} Henrik Larsen: A day at the beach (m/f voy)
   103. {ASSM} Story: "Amy's First Swimming Lesson" (f/f teen)
   104. {ASSM} A german story pt3 M/f,pedo,foot-fetish,sado,snuff
   105. {ASSM} A german story pt4 M/f,pedo,foot-fetish,sado,snuff
   106. {ASSM} A german story pt5 M/f,pedo,foot-fetish,sado,snuff
   107. {ASSM} "Lake Tahoe" Part 1 by Kristen (MF)
   108. {ASSM} Preying Mantis - Black Widow FF
   109. {ASSM} Sweet and Sour FF FF incest 
   110. {ASSM} "Lake Tahoe" Part 2 by Kristen (MF)
   111. {ASSM} "Movie Swap" (MFM,exhib, Hyno)
   112. {ASSM} "Adult Education" (MF,rom,mc) 2/5
   113. {ASSM} "Adult Education" (MF,rom,mc) 3/5
   114. {ASSM} Dream (FF MF M)
   115. {ASSM} NEW - Full House: DJ And Kimmy At Camp Part 1/2 (mf, incest) - By HaRkOnIn
   116. {ASSM} {REVIEW} Celestial Reviews 359 March 23
   117. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - Part Eight.
   118. {ASSM} Pleasure Cruise -- Dueling Dommes by artie (MF, MC, FD)
   119. {ASSM} Pleasure Cruise -- Nitecap by artie (MF, ROM, MC)
   120. {ASSM} Pleasure Cruise -- Predator by artie (MF, MC, MD)
   121. {ASSM} Pleasure Cruise -- Prey by artie (MF, MC, FD)
   122. {ASSM} Pleasure Cruise -- Toy by artie (MF, MC, FD)
   123. {ASSM} A german story pt1-2 M/f,pedo,foot-fetish,sado,snuff
   124. {ASSM} A german story pt6 M/f,pedo,foot-fetish,sado,snuff
   125. {ASSM} Story - ASSTR Fund Raising Committee FFFFF
   126. {ASSM} RP - Scene from a Writer at Work by artie (MF, ROM)
   127. {ASSM} "Adult Education" (MF,rom,mc) 4/5
   128. {ASSM} "Adult Education" (MF,rom,mc) 5/5
   129. {ASSM} "Adult Education" by Wiseguy (MF,rom,mc) 1/5
   130. {ASSM} <*>"Pleasure Cruise - Booking" (MF,mc) by Wiseguy
   131. {ASSM} <*>"Pleasure Cruise - Chaperone" (FF,mc) by Wiseguy
   132. {ASSM} <*>"Pleasure Cruise - Exchange"(MF,mc,swap) 2/2
   133. {ASSM} <*>"Pleasure Cruise - Exchange"(MF,mc,swap)by Wiseguy 1/2
   134. {ASSM} <*>"Pleasure Cruise - Hostess" (MF,rom,mc) by Wiseguy
   135. {ASSM} (no subject)
   136. {ASSM} Gotherige RP, 2 of 5, M/f, inc, w/s *
   137. {ASSM} Gotherige RP, 3 of 5, M/f, w/s, inc *
   138. {ASSM} G.I. JOE SEXUAL MISSIONS - Issue #1: Scarlett's Training Program (mmmmmmmmmmm/f, oral, f mast)
   139. {ASSM} Gotherige RP, 4 of 5,M/f, w/s, inc *
   140. {ASSM} Gotherige RP, 5 of 5, M/f, w/s, inc *
   141. {ASSM} Gotherige RP,1 of 5,  M/f, inc, w/s *
   142. {ASSM} Judith and Me (Fm, MC)
   143. {ASSM} NEW STORY: If You Spank Me. COMPLETE.  (MMf, anal, spanking, MDOM, business lady)
   144. {ASSM} NEW STORY: If You Spank Me. Chap 3..  (spanking, MMf, anal, MDOM, business lady)
   145. {ASSM} Story: Margaret 07 (f/f/f)
   146. {ASSM} NEW: Attitude Adjustment Book IV (Ff+/F, reluc) by lcdrjmc
   147. {ASSM} I made her happy (Short)
   148. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - Part Nine.
   149. {ASSM} Incest Games
   150. {ASSM} "Only a whisper" (MF, cons) {Souvie}
   151. {ASSM} Dom turned Sub Part 1 (M/M,FMMMMM)
   152. {ASSM} NEW - Full House: DJ And Kimmy At Camp Part 2/2 (ff, feet) - By HaRkOnIn
   153. {ASSM} Judith and Me 3 ((Fm, MC, preg)
   154. {ASSM} Judith and Me 4 (Fm, MC, preg)
   155. {ASSM} "Private Dancer" Part 1 by Kristen (MF, FF, exh)
   156. {ASSM} "Private Dancer" Part 2 by Kristen (MF, FF, exh)
   157. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - Part Ten
   158. {ASSM} Margaret 08 (f/f/f)
   159. {ASSM} Incest Schoolgirls
   160. {ASSM} rp Freed (MFF humor) 
   161. {ASSM} RP: "HOOKED"(M/FF; F/voyeur: reluc.) By David Shaw
   162. {ASSM} Wraith Spider 3a (fantasy, F, mast, FF)
   163. {ASSM} Greetings (FF nc MF first) by Orestes
   164. {ASSM} The Story of Jenny (part 5 - Jenny Learns To Use A Switch - And More - f/m spank)
   165. {ASSM} Tarzan: What You Most Believe In
   166. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - Part Eleven.
   167. {ASSM} Sisters by Sidney Durham
   168. {ASSM} Jan V. - Dear Diary - 2nd part
   169. {ASSM} Story
   170. {ASSM} story: The Ad Chapter2 (2/2) new from dino (BDSM) - the_ad_2.pt2 [1/1]
   171. {ASSM} Into Sister, Into Incest
   172. {ASSM} Sticky Vicky Cuts A Switch
   173. {ASSM} story: The Ad, Chapter 2 (1/2) New from Dino (BDSM) - the_ad_2.pt1 [1/1]
   174. {ASSM} (no subject)
   175. {ASSM} RP: Janey's Trip (FN rom)
   176. {ASSM} Cameo01.txt [1/2] (mMfF,Fdom,stroke)
   177. {ASSM} Cameo01.txt [2/2] (mMfF,Fdom,incest,stroke)
   178. {ASSM} Nutblast [1/3] (mMfF,Fdom,incest,stroke)
   179. {ASSM} Nutblast [2/3] (mMfF,Fdom,incest,stroke)
   180. {ASSM} G I Jane 1-9 by Mad Gerald (Unif NC Gang/F)
   181. {ASSM} NEW- Wraith Spider 3b (fantasy, FF, toy, virginity, tentacles/FF, *NOT*  NC!)
   182. {ASSM} New story G I Jane Part Ten By Mad Gerald (Unif NC Gang/F F/F)
   183. {ASSM} The Saga of Blanche, Past I
   184. {ASSM} rbr- Wraith Spider 1 (fantasy, FF, first, shave, lt. bondage, spank)
   185. {ASSM} rbr- Wraith Spider 2 (fantasy, anal, M+/F, NC, FF/F, reluc, monster/F,  NC)
   186. {ASSM} rbr- Wraith Spider 3a (fantasy, F, mast, FF)
   187. {ASSM} Nutblast [3/3] (mMfF,Fdom,incest,stroke)
   188. {ASSM} Margaret 09
   189. {ASSM} Repost Payback (FFF, celebrities)
   190. {ASSM} In The Bank Manager's Cupboard - Part Twelve.
   191. {ASSM} The Club: First Contact (FF,Sexfight)
   192. {ASSM} The Club: From The Outside, Looking In (FF,Sexfight)
   193. {ASSM} The Club: Karen and Tracy (FF,Sexfight)
   194. {ASSM} The Club: Sarah and Anne  Outside the Club (1/6,FF,Sexfight)
   195. {ASSM} The Club: Sarah and Anne  Outside the Club (2/6,FF,Sexfight)
   196. {ASSM} The Club: Sarah and Anne  Outside the Club (3/6,FF,Sexfight)
   197. {ASSM} RP by author: "Tales of Green Fields" (MF, f mast, alcohol)
   198. {ASSM} The Club: Sarah and Anne  Outside the Club (4/6,FF,Sexfight)
   199. {ASSM} The Club: Sarah and Anne  Outside the Club (5/6,FF,Sexfight)
   200. {ASSM} The Club: Sarah and Anne  Outside the Club (6/6,FF,Sexfight)

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